About Me



I grew up in Mariaville; a very tiny country town in upstate New York. My father was a Rodeo Announcer, Professional Trick Rider, and worked on our own horse farm. My aunt owned a very prestigious Morgan horse farm in Esperance, N.Y. So needless to say, I was on a horse’s back before I could walk. I grew up at Rodeos and Horse Shows. I still display on the wall a framed little red rosette I won at my first horse show at age four.

I was very involved in 4-H which was very popular at that time. I spent my teen years competing at 4-H horse shows, then became a leader myself. I gave riding lessons and helped other 4-Hers show their horses. As a young adult I continued to teach children, including my own about horses; riding and other farm animals.

When I met my husband Jody, I was introduced to Draft horses. He is an amazing teamster and in his younger years logged in the woods with Belgian drafts. I continue to learn about the sport of driving horses from him. He is also a Farrier .

Together Jody and I were very involved in the sports of Team Penning and Team Roping, until our move to Massachusetts in the early 1990‘s. We started and operated the largest Goat Dairy in the Northeast. Our milk was made into gourmet cheese, soap and fudge. Unfortunately our business came to an end with a barn collapse in a winter blizzard. Our horse activities at that time were primarily limited to trail riding, as that was all we had time for. On weekends, Jody’s Farrier clients would trailer up to our farm and we would all go out on day long trail rides.

When my husband retired as a Farrier our horse activities slowed down. I boarded some geriatric horses and their care was where most of my time was spent. My horses didn’t get used at that time very much. As I grew older and my horses became lawn ornaments, I began to lose confidence in my horsemanship all around. I needed to do something to fix that!!! The rest is what my programs are all about. Equi-Yoga, Horse Agility and Healing Horses!! I have never enjoyed my horses more than I do right now. My goal is to help others ENJOY their horses. I want handlers to have FUN while learning to become better horsemen. I hope that through my programs I can help other horse owners do just that.

~ Scherri Edwards