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Working with 150 goats when we owned and operated our Dairy Goat Farm, I started to learn about holistic remedies. If a goat had to be put on medication, the milk had to be dumped – so was that pay check! I am a registered nurse and practice medicine in my nursing. However, there are many wonderful ways of improving and maintaining health and immunity without medications. I have been studying holistic remedies for about 17 years now and have had amazing results with both people and animals! I am a Level II Reiki Practitioner. Natural remedies are not a substitute for modern medicine but can be very valuable, and I have seen many positive results to health problems.

One form of natural health I practice is energy balancing . Balancing your body’s energy can be very beneficial for your health. I do different forms of energy balancing and develop specific treatments for people and animals. This website will explain in more detail the science behind it and the services I offer.

Balancing your horse’s energy is very rewarding and FUN! That is what my programs are all about. Having fun with your horse in different ways. I offer a clinic that teaches the horse owner how to balance their own horse’s energy. This is something anyone at any age can learn to do with the stones provided. You will actually be able to see the pull of the energy of your horse through the pendulums. With free flowing energy you can help increase the horse’s immunity and help your Equine friend with any issues he may be dealing with.

Prefer a Treatment? Talk to me about your Equine friend and any problems he may be having. I can plan a balance specific for your horse for wellness.


( program outline)

1. Intrduction to Energy Balancing
A horse is a very energetic animal. Learn how the animal’s health and immunity is effected by blocked energy paths. Learn how energy balancing works—minus the big words!! We keep it simple.
2. Picking the Right Stones
A survey about your horse will be done to determine what areas the horse may be having problems in and the right stones to help those areas.
3. Care of the Stones
Learn the proper way to cleanse and charge your stones for balancing your horse’s energy.
4. Find Those Chakras
Learn where to find the “energy whirlpools” on the horse.
5. Balance Away!
The Stones will do the work and you will see this. After balancing, you will learn how to pick the stones to place on each Chakra for further wellness. You will be able to keep a stone charm that is specifically picked for your horse.

Thank You very much;
~Scherri Edwards

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