Horse Agility Club




The International Horse Agility Club was founded by Vanessa Bee in 2009. A horse trainer in England, Vanessa specializes in building relationships between handler and horse from the ground up. The author of the “Horse Agility Handbook”, Vanessa teaches how to communicate with and enjoy your equine partner. The horse “chooses” to play with you; going over, under and through obstacles.

The club is made up of members from all over the world. Much of the competing is done through OLHA!” – Online Horse Agility. Entries are submitted via the Internet. You may compete in “On Lead”, which is the handler working the horse in a halter and lead rope, or compete in “Liberty”, which is without halter or lead. In both divisions the horse is performing the task you ask on his own. If a lead is used it must stay slack. There is also an “Equagility” division in which after doing 5 obstacles on the ground, the handler then rides through them. Again, the key is communication, no force is used. The horse is ridden in a halter with lead, neck rope, or no headstall at all.

All members start at the Starter level On Lead and work their way up the levels. In Liberty and Equagility they may choose the class they wish to enter. There is also a “Walk Only” division. This is for handlers or horses that have a physical issue that prevents them from going at a faster pace.

To learn more about the International Agility Club contact me for a Clinic, Fun Day, Training Day, or Click Here to visit the International Horse Agility Club. Become a member, give it a try and have tons of fun!!!