Energy Handout


Everything is made of energy! The whole universe is energy! Every molecule in a person or animal vibrates at an electromagnetic frequency. Different forms of matter and rays of light vibrate at different frequencies. Now this is all fact, but we won’t be spending our time talking science and studying wavelengths and Einstein’s E=mc2. You can do that in your free time! There are a couple of cool facts worth mentioning though. The Russian scientist Valentina Kirlian invented a camera that can photograph the energy field or “Aura” around the body. In the 1960‘s a Japanese Professor Hiroshi Motoyama invented a device that can measure and detect fluctuations of the energy field around the body.

Unfortunately our body’s vibrational frequency is not very stable. It is effected by any type of stress as well as the energy around us. Yup – that cell phone attached to your hip pocket is an example of “Electromagnetic Smog” or “Pollution”. So, that said, our energy can get out of whack and unbalanced easily. The same goes for our Equine friends who get exposed to pretty much everything we do . If the energy in our bodies is not free flowing, sluggish or has blockages it can effect us physically, emotionally, or psychologically. So it makes sense when you think about health, diet, and exercise, to think about balanced energy also.

It has long been proven that crystals and stones emit a strong stable electrical pulse or charge. Crystals are perfect energy transformers and transmitters and there is nothing in our modern world of technology today that could exist without them. Their stable energy vibrations have been incorporated into chips that are in most power items we use today; including computers, televisions and watches – you have heard of a Quartz watch right?

So THE COOL PART IS THIS – The stable vibration of crystals and stones can be used to balance you and your horse’s energy!! We all have energy centers called Chakras in our bodies. Horses have more than humans. Chakras are like vortexes where energy can go in and out of the body. From there, energy travels down the “roads” called Meridians through the body to every organ and cell. Keeping the body’s energy balanced plays a role in being helpful for a healthier person and horse. Depending on their composition, size, thickness and color (light frequency), crystals and stones vibrate at different frequencies. That said; different stones are used to balance different Chakras and have different properties.

Holistic remedies and Energy Balancing should never be substituted for medical or veterinarian care.