All riders are required to wear helmets. A paddock boot or low riding shoe that allows the rider to release well into their heels is the best choice for foot wear. A cowboy boot may be taxing on the ankle joint. Half chaps are very helpful in stabilizing the lower leg but not required.
Non-restricting clothing. examples: schooling tights, yoga pants or breeches. Jeans are not the pants of choice.
Tack includes using an English or Western saddle and Headstall with halter over it and lead.



Helmets and proper footwear are required. Gloves may be helpful but not required. Horse is to have a Halter and lead at least 10 feet long.



I offer individual Energy Balancing Treatments, custom designed for your horse. A survey will be taken first to determine your horses needs. Then a treatment can be planned. The treatments are 1 hour long.
For all programs/clinics a small step stool in needed (or something similar) to be able to stand over the horse’s back.



One hour treatment with Reiki included $50.00