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In this challenge, your equine will weave through four cones. You can use pails, feed buckets, etc, if you do not have any cones.

LEVEL 1 FOR 2 POINTS: You and your equine start to the right of the first cone. You will weave together, staying by the middle of the horse’s neck. The horse cannot be ahead of or behind you. The Lead Rope will have a “smile” in it, and your right hand cannot be near the horse’s head. He must be able to do this on his own without being directed. You will circle the last cone to the right and weave back through, ending where you started.

LEVEL 2 OR 5 POINTS: You will start to the left of the first cone, your horse to the right. The Lead Rope has a “smile”, and your right hand cannot be near the horse’s head. You will not weave. You will walk a straight and steady line as the horse weaves. Circle the last cone to the right, and the horse weaves back to where you started. Make sure you lengthen your rope so your horse can weave.

LEVEL 3 FOR 10 POINTS: Same as Level 2, but you lose the rope! Cue your horse with verbal and non-verbal cuing to have him weave at Liberty (if your animal disconnects and walks away, points will be lost).

Good luck and have fun!!!

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