I am excited to announce that Horsin Around New England has teamed up with Gerda’s Equine Rescue to begin our Horse Agility Rehabilitation Program! Through no fault of their own, many rescue horses have invisible scars that has left them anxious when working with a human partner. some are fearful and non-trusting, some are high energy, and some react very quickly without thinking.
These reactions can be normal for a rescue horse whose life goal of survival and safety seems uncertain t them. Horse Agility will teach these animals that I am a safe leader. They learn to Think before reacting and learn communication without force. The end result is a respectful, trusting, and willing animal. The best part that these horses will WANT to be with you and they will WANT to work with you and have fun!!!
Gerda and I are excited to give these horses a purpose through Agility, and from there find their forever homes.

Scherri Edwards HAAT
Horse Agility Accredited Trainer

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